I was thinking about my lovely garden this morning and thinking how I want my friends to see it and enjoy it with me. It is a joy and is so beautiful. Then my next thought was, but I don’t want them to see all the weeds. I reasoned to myself how much fruit and comfort it gives, weeds and all.

This is so true of me. I want those I am around to love me and find joy and comfort in my presence, to see Christ in me, but then there are those weeds, imperfections, personality quirks, and past baggage. I long for the day I will be perfected, but on this earth I will still have those weeds. On the other hand I pray my fruit will be bountiful as I walk, rooted into the deep soil of God’s power in me. I am reminded today to give out grace to all of us who have those weeds and look to the fruit which is slowly growing day by day and by which God is making something beautiful.

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