Carri Keller Mikkelsen

Introspective and analytical. These qualities drove me to want to understand the meaning of my life. Maybe something I am constantly doing. I knew Jesus from a young age, but constantly felt like I was missing something. I longed to figure it out.  This longing drove me to attend bible school and changed my life forever. At New Tribes Bible Institute I learned for the first time my freedom and identity in Christ. My personal mission in life is to share these truths with others so they may live a victorious Christian Life, not one of defeat or oppression, but of freedom to live rightly and find joy in it. I studied Anthropology at Oregon State, so that I might understand people to be most effective in clearly communicating the Bible story with differing cultures.

Jeremy and I make a good team and try to live in “oneness” with one another. God answered my prayer when Jeremy told me one day he would like to take time off from university to go to bible school. We graduated from the same school and were able to start our marriage together in oneness in theology, which shapes all of our marital and parental decisions.  God blessed me, blessed us!

We became missionaries together, God sent us home, and now Jeremy is a pastor at Lacey Bible Church and I am leading Bible studies. I am still learning what it means to be a pastor’s wife. We have three wonderful kids who believe in Jesus as their Savior. We are teaching them and they are teaching us. We teach each other how to continue to walk in the Spirit and prefer one another as Jesus preferred us. He is our perfect example. Our family mission is to be an aroma of life to those who are seeking truth and wisdom.

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