Know, Reckon, Yield

“Living as a Christian is a matter of . . . Death & Life!”

The concepts in this article literally changed my life.  I went from trying to make God happy by being “good enough” or trying to a attain “perfectness.” I did not realize when I believed in Jesus as my Savior I already attained His perfectness.  All I needed to do was rest in His work.  I gained a new identity in Christ. I was no longer condemned to a life of sin, guilt and law-living, but of freedom in knowing who I am in Christ, to reckon it to be true, and to yield to the Spirit.

Article Snippet: Know, Reckon, Yield

Bill’s Blog article by Pastor Bill Holdridge
December 2014

To summarize, we are to Know, Reckon, Yield. These three words, and the concepts behind them, are extremely powerful. They lead us into the experience of the victorious Christian Life.

Download the article: Know-Reckon-Yield


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