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Wait On You

I heard this song for the first time with Jeremy today while we were on a family drive.  We both thought this song is apropos to where we are at in The WaitI love that Unspoken is also waiting on Christ’s return and His Kingdom as in Pray for His Coming. (The heavens will part, the trumpet will sound, the sun will shine dim as Your glory shines dow. All knees will bow, every tongue will proclaim that You are the Lord. Forever You reign.)

Wait on You
by Unspoken

When every tear is an ocean
And every hurt is a mountain
And every cry is a siren
Hope’s halfway to dying
Where do we run
When the bullets are flying
And the bombs keep on falling
When there’s fear all around me
And it feels like we’re drowning
Where do we run
Lord we will wait on You
Yes we will wait on You
You are still on your throne
Still in control
Lord we will wait on You
Yes we will wait on You
You are the only hope, so we won’t let go
We will wait, we will wait, we will wait
We admit that we’ve stumbled
And we’ve all gone astray
So we humble our hearts
And let down our guards
We’re seeking Your face
It’s like the whole world’s got a cancer
And we die a little more everyday
And all the while there’s an answer
And it’s staring us right in the face
The heavens will part
The trumpet will sound
The sun will shine dim
As Your glory shines down
All knees will bow
Every tongue will proclaim
that You are the Lord
Forever You reign
Through sickness and pain
Through trials we face
Through war and through loss
We won’t lose faith
With our hands lifted high
We look to the sky
In You we remain
On You we will wait
We will wait on you

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