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Appreciating Forgiveness

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Today is my half birthday and I will skip telling you which half year I am in 😉 In our family while we eat cake we go around and tell the family what we appreciate about the birthday person. Several kind things were said about me, but the one that stands out the most is what my dear son said. He told us all, “I appreciate my mom because she is forgiving!”

After the kids went to bed Jeremy and I were discussing how life is flying by. The kids are growing up so fast. Jeremy’s thought is,”That we need to get teaching them.” There is always so much to teach them before they leave the house. As I see it the kids are doing great! They are not perfect, don’t always make perfect choices, but I think back to what Elliot said about his parents forgiving him. He knows he is not perfect and makes mistakes, but he sees and feels he is still loved even when he sins. He has found the key to this earthly life. He knows he is a sinner, but he knows his parents and he knows that God forgives him. I believe that is the most valuable lesson he can learn from us earthly imperfect parents. I pray Jeremy and I can continue to be an example of the God’s love and grace to our kids. Elliot gave me the best half birthday gift of all; the assurance that he understands his need and appreciates forgiveness!

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