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Let God Provide the Ice Cream

Jeremy and I were hearing from different sources, children our kids ages are already questioning their purpose in life and with the questions comes a hopelessness. The two of us were curious how our kids were doing, but did not want to make it a big deal. While the kids were occupied playing we asked –

Our Question: What is your purpose in life?

Their (unanimous) Answer: To be a light & share the message of Jesus with everyone we meet.

Whew! What a relief!

In our family we talk about our purpose or our mission constantly:

    • To be a light to a world living in darkness
    • To share the Good News of Jesus with those around us
    • Share the Gospel so others may have joy, peace, and eternal life!

One evening around 5pm we told the kids it was almost time to go to Tuesday Club, an outreach to youth in the area where our kids go to school. We ask our kids to go to be a light to their classmates. This particular Tuesday, Elliot said he did not want to go. I asked him why and he told me everyone was having an ice-cream party, but since his class misbehaved the week before they would miss out on the privilege. We talked through what his purpose of going to Tuesday Club in general was. To get candy? To get ice cream? All the kids said no, “We go to be a light.” Jeremy and I reiterated the purpose of being a light in order to share the Gospel and that we as parents buy the ice-cream and candy. We provide the treats. Our kids do not lack.

(In fact, this is a warm July Slurpee day!)

Being on mission or being an ambassador can be costly –

    • But God is our provision
    • In Him we lack nothing
    • Be a light & let God provide the ice cream 😉


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