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Top 5 Children’s Bibles

Did you grow up in the Church hearing a lot of Bible stories, without understanding the big picture of the Bible?  I never knew what David had to do with Daniel, had to do with Moses, had to do with Abraham.  Check out these Bibles that I have used with my own kids that you might find helpful for yours.


The Rhyme Bible

The Rhyme Bible

Ages: 0-4


  • Depicts the eating of the fruit of the tree as a choice to believe or disbelieve what God said. Eve looked up and saw the tree. The fruit was as lovely as it could be. Should she pick some? Should she eat? Should she have this special treat? Or should she turn away her head and just believe what God had said?
  • Whimsical rhyme & rhythm and fun watercolor pictures.

Con: Leaves out a lot of the Bible, so I recommend this for very young children as a beginning introduction to the Bible.

The Step-by-Step Bible

The Step-by-Step Bible: a panoramic journey through God's Word

Ages: 0-7


  • Shows how the whole Bible connects together and is one big story. Each illustration connects to the following page and there is a running timeline at the bottom to help children understand where the story is in the history of the world.
  • At the end there is a question of belief: This may be a good time for you to ask Jesus to take your sins away and be your Savior. Would you like to do that now?"

The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

Ages: 3-8


  • To understand the whole Bible story and the Good News of Jesus the Rescuer saving all humankind from "sin, and the dark, and sadness."
  • To become a child of God: 'For anyone who believes what Jesus said . . .then God will give them this wonderful gift: To be born into a whole new Life, to be who they really are, who God always made them to be-their own true selves-God's dear child.' 

The Illustrated New Testament

The Illustrated New Testament icb Bible is an illustrated word for word Bible using chapters and verses.

Ages: 7-12


  • To draw attention to, magnify, & clarify the Bible
  • To make the Bible easier to understand by using visual illustrations
  • To help memorize Scripture
  • To change the lives of children and adults

Note: can also be bought as an Old Testament pdf or New Testament pdf to use on a tablet.

The Wonder Bible

The Wonder Bible is a transitional Bible summarizing every book of the Bible to give a full understanding of the Bible story.

Ages: 8-12


  • to get a clear picture of the Bible without getting "lost, confused, or bogged down."
  • to give children a successful and enjoyable reading experience through each book of the Bible
  • to help children personalize what they read in Scripture
  • to get children excited about reading the full-text Bible.

Clear Gospel: Because of our sins, we deserve the punishment of death. But God put that punishment on His Son Jesus. If we truly believe in Jesus and belong to Him, we can have never ending life with God in heaven, instead of never-ending death in hell. It's an offer worth accepting...don't you agree?